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Artdeshine AYICON Ceramic Coating 50ML

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Ayicon is a special blend of chemicals that gives very high gloss readings differentiating it from other coating products in the market. Made for professionals and enthusiasts alike, Ayicon delivers promising results you can expect in a highest-grade coating product. Priced fairly and within reach of all users, this is a suitable choice for all installers eager to try Artdeshine coating products.

All paint types, matte plastics or trims, chrome, vinyl wraps, PPF, wheels.


1. Make all necessary preparation like compounding, polishing, claying,
decontamination, washing and cleaning before the application process.
2. Use panel wipes, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), silicone removers to remove oil, fillers and polishing compounds. (e.g. Artdeshine Silicone Remover)
3. Drip 8-10 (16-20 if priming applicator) drops of the product by dragging the tip of the bottle in a straight line to and fro on the black applicator pad provided (any suede, microfiber applicator block or pads are suitable).
4. Apply onto a surface no larger than 1m x 1m in a circular motion and cross-hatch motion for even coverage.
5. Applied product should look like spreading liquid glue, not dripping wet.
6. Product will turn slightly blurred or cloudy after 15-20 seconds.
7. Starting from the edges of the applied area, wipe off excess with a clean and dry
microfiber (MF) towel. (grabby feeling MF towel is normal for this step)
8. Using another clean and dry MF towel, buff off all residue, hazing, high-spots and
smears in a circular motion.
9. Ensure the surface is clear and feels slick. (smoothness can be felt when buffing
with MF towel)
10. Repeat all steps for adjacent areas. Take extra care at edges where applied and unapplied surfaces meet. Always apply and buff over the edges to ensure smooth

Multiple coats are not necessary and can be a wastage of product. Ayicon Coating is formulated to be highly repellent and additional coats will be repelled and not have effective bonding nor will it increase durability and protection.