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Artdeshine Graphene Detailer V1

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Graphene Detailer V1 Ready-to-Use (250 ml)

Our favourite Spray-on Graphene Detailer is a special blend of Siloxane and Graphene Oxide that gives coating-like properties while adding more protection against corrosion. Dry and wet use, safe for coatings and all surfaces.

Key Features 

• 3-4 months durability (V1)
• Hydrophobic
• Reduces surface friction
• Water soluble product
• Ease of cleaning
• Fuss free application
• Chemical resistant, pH 4-13

• Reflective shine
• Gloss enhancing
• Smooth and Sleek


How to Apply the Graphene Detailer

  1. Clay (optional) & wash surface.

  2. Wipe dry with damp cloth.

  3. Spray product 4-5 times on microfiber towel.

  4. Spread on area 1m x 1m.

  5. Buff to ensure no product residue remains on visible surface,

  6. Let the product cure for at least 6 hours for best results. (i.e. do not expose to rain and avoid driving the car during that time)


** Actual packaging may differ from product photo (e.g. Sprayer, Bottle Shape)